Sunday School Lessons

Sunday School Lessons

You can click on the links below for this Sunday’s lesson!!

LESSON VIDEOS – Available Now!

Week 6 – 10/18/2020 — Story: God Leads the People Out of Egypt/ The PASSOVER

Week 5 – 10/11/2020 — Story: The Plagues

Your kids might enjoy the Jesus Cares Virtual Bible Camp! Check out all 3 days at this link.

It even has camp songs sung around the campfire. Your kids might remember some of the songs from VBS!

Week 4 – 10/04/2020 — Story: God Chooses Moses/God Calls Moses

Week 3 – 9/27/2020 — Story: Baby Moses or The Birth of Moses

Week 2 – 9/20/2020

Week 1 – 9/13/2020

For more information about this program, check out the information page at Northwestern Publishing House –

You can find the weekly links at this page also or go directly to their Youtube page at this link:

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