Mission Festival – Welcome Home


Sunday, October 13


Pastor Paul & Aneela

He currently serves as the leader of the new South Asian Ministry located in Pewaukee, WI, which is reaching out to South Asians residing in North America. Pastor Paul had lived as a doctor in Pakistan, but now is a doctor of souls, sharing the gospel here. They were highlighted in the July WELS Connection video. For more info on the mission go to https://wels.net/serving-others/missions/jointmissions/south-asian/

St. Peter’s Ev. Lutheran Church

413 E 3rd St, Monticello, MN 55362

  • Worship starts at 9:00 am.
  • Meal served 11:45 am
  • Speaker presentation: 10:30 to 11:30 am

For more info: mywels.com/MissionFest

or call (763)295-5315.

Pastor Paul will also be at the LWMS rally at St. Peter’s in the afternoon, starting at 1:00 pm.


Everyone is invited to purchase items and then bring them along to church. We will use a grant to cover the cost of shipping the things together to our clinics. (For CAMM newsletters – mywels.com/CAMM)

— Wish List Items—

  • Knit dish cloths-give to new moms at clinic
  • Twist ties (that come with plastic baggies)
  • Handiwipes -for sponging off feverish kids and wiping up messes—by Clorox. Dry fast and can be burned.
  • Pill bags-use them for antenatal clients who get one with their iron tablets on their first visit. Ladies bring them back to refill at future visits.
  • Ziploc bags with zip thing—not press together type—can keep things in them and be assured they are closed up better. GALLON SIZE most requested used to organize boxes and pill bags of meds in the trunks.
  • Choc chips—dark as well!! (Malawi-Evans)
  • Nuts to bake with-walnuts or pecans (Malawi-Evans)
  • Aveeno hand/body lotion—purse size nice—Beth (Malawi-Evans)
  • Werther’s candies (Malawi-Evans)
  • Chili powder and Cinnamon (Malawi-Evans)
  • AA and AAA batteries—flashlights and BP cuffs—expensive there (Malawi)
  • Post it notes, sharpies, pens (Malawi-Evans)
  • Treats-granola bars (Nature Valley, Kashi, Kind)—taken to clinic for snacks as usually no lunch break. Some choc in them or fruit or nuts. (Mal-Evans)
  • Peanut M & M’s (Malawi-Evans)
  • Christian Christmas decorations (Malawi-Evans)
  • Notepads—jotting down notes and lists (Malawi-Evans)
  • Walsporin ointment (Malawi)
  • Knit caps-baby size especially 0-6 months
  • 4 x 4 gauze
  • Grocery bags
  • Blankets
  • Sunscreen—lotion only and 50 SPF at least (go thru about 2/week)
  • Homemade cross necklaces
  • Baby Layette items
  • Baby/Children’s socks (especially Zambia)
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