Listen to the Shepherd’s Voice – Follow

My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. I give them eternal life.

John 10:27-28b

Listen to the Shepherd’s Voice – Follow

Have you noticed how many people think of God as a driver of the sheep. What I mean is this, they describe God as a hard God only demanding people what he wants them to do! Yes, certainly God does give us his law that demands. However, notice how Jesus describes himself and the sheep. He says they listen to his voice.

The shepherd of Jesus’ day walked ahead of his sheep and led them with his voice. He did not drive them as we often imagine. The shepherd knew his sheep and was with them all through the day and night. The sheep knew him and followed him through the countryside as they foraged for food.

By nature, we often can fall into that thinking of seeing God as a demanding Lord, driving his sheep and making us do what he wants. Let’s be honest, often that is how we work with others and certainly how we often treat God. We want and expect him to give us what we want, expecting and even demanding him to answer our prayers and bless us as we desire. We often judge God by the things he gives us. By nature, we have that law or driving mentality. Also, the less we h

ear and know our Shepherd’s voice, the more we fight and only see God as a driver. Satan loves to get us here. He is one of those enemies, along with the world and our sinful nature. He wants to destroy, to wound and finally to separate us from our Good Shepherd and eternal life!

“I know them” Jesus knows this about us. We are sheep! I may not like to describe myself in that way. But if I am honest, I need help. I need a Savior! Jesus came as our Good Shepherd. He knows you, me! He knows how easily we get lost or taken advantage of or belligerently bolt away on my own, only to need rescuing. In his Word he sooths my soul and forgives my guilt! In his Word I hear of his love and rescue. In his Word, I find peace and certainty. In his voice, I find his mercy that never turns away, but a Shepherd that goes out of his way to bring me back! They follow me. I give them eternal life.

How we get things too confused and mixed up about God. Jesus steps into our lives to love, to save and to give us eternal life – now and for eternity. In the church, we follow our Savior, listening together to our Savior voice! Come listen and follow Jesus!

Dear Jesus, You are the Good Shepherd. You know my life, my fears and where I have fallen. Jesus thank you for rescuing me and having brought me to faith. I am part of your flock. Help me listen and know your voice. Satisfy my soul. Give me strength to endure the challenges of this world. Amen.