Kids Christmas Service Invite


As we come up to Christmas, we still have much to celebrate and rejoice in as our Savior Jesus has come. In the past, we have invited the kids to take part in our Christmas Eve service. However, this year is certainly different, and many things are up in the air. Because of this, we are inviting you to have your kids take a different role in our Christmas Service. If you are interested, we will give your child a part of the Christmas story from the Bible. We would ask that you then work with them to memorize their part, then record them saying it with your cell phone. We will then put the parts together and use them in our Christmas Eve service. In this way, your children can participate, families can watch virtually or if they so choose to come to the live service. It will still give you a chance to have your grandparents watch. Our service will be live-streamed on Christmas Eve at 5:00 PM. It will also be available for anyone to watch following that.

I invite you to have your child take part in sharing the message of our Savior’s birth and the reason for our peace with God. IF YOU ARE INTERESTED, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS YOU CAN. We will be sending out the children’s parts next week. I will include more information at that time about the recording.

I pray all is going well for you and your family. I look forward to having the kids take part in this special worship service to our Lord.

Pastor Green

– Please respond via email: or text: (763) 350-2991. Thanks